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Insuring Classic Automobiles the Way You Drive

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Most people have a type of car they love to own one day. For a few motorists it is a dream to own a classic and trot around like a movie star in it. It takes a lot of determination to get the money for it, searching to find. Then you have to plan carefully and locate the tradesmen for the work you like to be done. You will probably spend days planning exactly how you want it to look.

Once you brought a vintage automobile back to mint condition again you will need to consider how you will enjoy it. Are you going to lock it in the garage and only take out for very special occasions or you want to enjoy a bit more of it? Is it going to be a seasonal use auto or your preferred drive at least once a week?

These choices will have implications when it comes to registering it with DMV and insuring it. If you want to drive it only occasionally you can find a cheap insurance coverage for it. After spending a small fortune you may not be worried about the costs of insurance. Some companies can still offer you great rates for moderate use. It may also be possible to insure it as part of a multi-car policy.

One thing you must keep in mind is that you are on the same page with your insurer in every aspect. First of all you have to agree the valuation of the classic automobile. A similar car can be sold on the open market for only the fraction of the money yours cost you. You do not want the insurer come back and only offer you an average price of the similar age vintage cars available on the market.

The auto insurer has to understand that you put blood, sweat and money on yours and it is a lot more than any old car of same model and age. A well looked after classic auto should be insured on agreed valuation bases. Otherwise, you will put yourself in a laughable position, only you won’t be laughing at all.

Unless there is an explicit agreement and clear endorsement on the policy a claims adjuster will treat it as an old vehicle if it is ever totalled and offer you peanuts for it. It would never be his mistake as that is the way they work every day. You have got to make it clear that this is painstakingly restored vintage and an agreed valuation should be placed on it while insuring.

Then depending on the way you like to drive it you can have occasional leisure drive coverage, moderate usage coverage or even coverage for every day driving. This is totally up to you. You just have to make sure that you have appropriate registration and insurance for this prized asset you own.  If you are not sure as to how to proceed to arrange the auto insurance policy for your vintage car you should talk to your broker or agent and they will be happy to talk you through.

When You Should Talk to An Auto Insurance Agent?

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

If you are in search for a good auto insurance coverage, great insurer and low premiums you may need to check your options carefully. You will need to check online, offline, direct with companies and use agents and brokers. Each of those sources will have their own unique advantages and downsides. But this is the way to find the best solution for yourself.

Each individual motorist or household would have their own special circumstances and requirements. One policy that is right for one doesn’t mean suitable for another driver. Furthermore, you may have found a great company a few years back but in time there will be changes in that company’s rates, in the marketplace and overall competition.

So, policyholders need to evaluate their current coverage requirements and check the market for policies that will match their circumstances best. This doesn’t mean that each time you have a problem with the company you look outside. There are times to negotiate with your current provider and times to look elsewhere. For example, while you are dealing with a claim you will need to stay on top of it and keep the communications going until you got what you want.

You can also check for automobile insurance answers on our forum. Sometimes the company claim handlers may not have all the answers. Then you will need to talk your agent about the situation and ask for assistance. A small tip or assurance may put you at ease or in the right direction. They deal with companies every day and they will have a good idea what might the problem be.

Working with an agent has its advantages in situations like this. Otherwise, policyholders may not know where to turn to. Brokers are also great source of low auto insurance quotes. An independent broker can search whole of the market and advise you of choices. Sometimes it may not be easy for especially the new drivers to decide what level of coverage they need and how it works. It is the brokers job to make sure client understand all aspects of a policy purchased.

When you don’t have a particularly clean driving records you may need to search for companies that are good with risky drivers. Again, brokers would know where to turn to rather than wasting time with usual run of the mill insurers. Some companies would quote really high rates for drivers that doesn’t fit their criteria. This is understandable because they want to lower their exposure to risk. Also, if they have many good drivers they sold policies to they don’t have to try hard to gain your business.

When you have a broker you can trust things work out smoothly. Sometimes you may not know if the broker is trying hard for you. In such cases online information sources would be very helpful. You could turn to blogs, forums and other freely available information sources. You can also get quotations online and compare with prices received from the agent. This will quickly tell you where you stand and if you are being offered best of the deals.

When You Move Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Moving to a new area, state or city can be very exciting chapter in your life. Perhaps you have been planning this move for some time. It may be a new job that brings you here or you may want a life style change. There must be many things you are looking forward to except arranging a new auto insurance policy. But this is something you should look at as soon as you have time.

If you move to a different state you will need to get a new policy that complies with the new state regulation. Every state has its own rules and companies have to follow them when they are preparing packages to be sold. First thing you may need to check is if your current provider is operating in there. Then you would certainly want to get quotes from them.

Your move may mean some changes in the way you drive as well. For example, your work may be near or far from your home that changes your yearly mileage. You may get a company car and leave yours at home most of the time. You need to incorporate these changes when you are arranging cover. They will certainly influence your rates.

moving to new zip codeYour new zip code will be taken into account when premiums are worked out. The auto crime in the area, traffic congestion, accident rates, auto repair costs and weather will need to be looked at in the process. This will mean that there could be some changes up or down in the cost of insuring your automobiles.

Generally speaking countryside drivers get cheap auto insurance rates due to low crime and congestion. It is exact opposite when you move to a city. In some cases you shouldn’t be surprised to see that your rates has doubled since you moved to a metropolitan center. On the other hand, you may be able to negate the increased costs by giving up the second car. Thanks to widely available public transport demand for autos may be lower in the city centers. Besides, it is not easy and cheap to find a parking space.

You may be happy with your current insurer and planning to stay with them even after the move. The thing you should remember that your recent change of address may upset the competitiveness of your current provider. This needs to be checked and confirmed. It may be that they are still one of the cheapest providers and you stay put.

Many carriers can be highly specialized in a few aspects. For example, they may be big in the countryside, north or south but not doing as great in city centers or where you moved. This is part of the business and it may be due to company’s origins. Also, they may not be happy with the regulations of certain states. A few companies don’t like to do business in certain states.

All you need to do to make sure you are getting a competitive premium is to get a few alternative quotes and compare them with each other. This will quickly tell you what to do and which policy suits you bets.

Buy Home and Car Insurance together and Save

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Owning several insurance products means you pay a lot of money for premiums. Then looking into ways of saving money on them is probably well overdue. You can look at them individually and see if there are ways you can increase discounts qualified. you should do this often to make sure your policies are up to date and you don’t spend more than necessary.

One way of finding affordable auto insurance premiums is to combine policies or buy several products from the same firm. First of all you can have a look to see if you could buy multi-car coverage and bring the costs down. Secondly you can buy your home insurance from the company that is insuring your automobile. You include health and life policies in the mix as well if it will yield further savings.

If you were with these companies for some time you would have a good idea which carrier is better and you need to look at their prices as well. You can check to move home coverage to car cover provider or vice verse. At least you have two companies to get prices from. Alternatively, you can move both policies to a totally new company if it works out cheaper.

insure home and autoFurthermore there are new kind of policies that work like an umbrella cover. You could insure your home, autos and even second home or investment property all under one policy. They are not very common and may not be available in your state. If they do, they may reduce administration of all those separate policies and save you a lot of money.

Companies spend fortune to find new customers and sell financial services products. If they could manage to sell more to their current policyholders they would increase their takings with little effort. But people aren’t going to just move over without a good reason to do so. Therefore, good discounts are in order when you keep bringing business to your provider. It is a way of saying thank you for the new piece of business.

This works in many different ways. For example, you partner and you can save money when one of you moves to the other’s insurer. It is a common practice to offer savings to family members of existing policyholders. For example, kids can take advantage of their parents good driving records by being insured with them or buying a policy from their insurer. It is actually better than up sell and everybody wins.

It has other benefits as well. You don’t have to worry about so many different insurers, renewal dates and payments. When you are combining policies you are reducing paper work. In a way, you are building better relations with one particular company.

But it may be trickier to make a one large premium payment if you synchronize renewal dates. If you have the money, you can actually get further discounts by paying it all at once. Generally companies offer around five percent discounts when customers pay upfront. Otherwise, you may need to arrange a payment plan to spread it.

Automatic Transmission Is Better for Car Insurers

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

You are required to fill a quote form in order to get price from carriers. You need to answer a few questions about yourself, other drivers and driving histories as well as the cars to be insured. These details will determine how much you will be charged to insure your automobile. So, you should provide complete and accurate information in the process.

One of the questions will be about auto gear transmission. Cars have two types of transmission. They are manual and automatic. With manual gear you increase or decrease your speed by moving the gear up or down. This is done automatically in some cars. Some cars may have both systems in place and switchable. These two separate operations are considered differently while you are getting a quote.

Manual gear boxes are preferred by many motorists especially enthusiasts because they like to control and feel the speed of their vehicles. Also, this can give extra control over fuel consumption. When it is in auto mode cars burn more petrol. While buying automobiles it is cheaper to get a manual gear box too. It is less complicated and cheaper to manufacture them.

man driving a stick shiftHowever, the same economies may not be available to manual auto owners when they are insuring them. Apparently the risk levels are different as well as the operation and therefore the rates charged vary as well.

Manual automobiles may not be stopping and taking off as smooth as automatic ones. This may increase the chance of accidents. Also, drivers will be paying more attention to gear changing and less attention to the road ahead. Therefore, manual gear boxes are considered higher risk.

When the risks are increased companies quickly want compensation in the way of higher premiums. The opposite is also true that is why it may be cheaper to insure automatic cars compared to manual ones.

Another factor is the cost of replacing these parts. Manual gear boxes require more money to replace and this is taken into account when premiums are calculated. Some people can only drive auto and they don’t like to play with gear much. Others don’t feel like driving with an automatic transmission. People have different tastes. They may not care much about the premium differences and go for the vehicle specifications they like.

However, if you don’t care either way, you may want to get two separate quotes for each gear systems and see which one will be more economical. Most manufacturers offer both systems for almost all the models they produce.

This may not seem like a good way of reducing your costs. But every little details add up and these small savings can total up to large sums of money. In other words, you should mind what is included, safety and security features and other details of your new automobile.

It is well documented that insuring some cars is more expensive. Choosing an auto that is favored by insurers can save you a lot of money over the years. This is a point that needs to be considered if you want cheap vehicle insurance quotes.

Why You Are Asked for the Vehicle Identification Number?

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

One thing you may need to know right from the start that some information may not be required to get auto insurance quotes. You may just want to know how much a policy is going to cost from a particular firm or a vehicle you are considering buying. You can get a quotation by providing your basic details with most companies. This is the stage you may be cautions and companies are aware of that. They don’t want to spook you away with too many details and questions.

However, the situation is different when you are buying or bought a policy. Your insurer will want to know your driving license number as well as the same for other drivers. They would also want to know your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This is the point to provide all the relevant information in relation to insuring a vehicle.

Why do they ask VIN? This is the number that is unique to your automobile. With this number companies can check the background of it. They can find out if it is involved in a serious accident from accident registration data center. They can also check that it is registered to your name. In many states you can only insure autos that you own. It is something to do with having insurable interest on the car.

What Is VIN?Vehicle Identification Number includes many useful information about the automobile. Things like its make, model and year of manufacture is included there. Even a car is totally burned down, this number can tell the police and the insurers who it is belong to. This speeds up the process and reduces the costs of searching for stolen autos. Also, it reduces claim frauds in some ways. Companies spend fortune on falsely made claims and any help to reduce them will keep premiums low for everyone.

If you ever bought a used car you would know how important this number is to reduce fraud. You can actually get the history of a car you want to buy using this number. Maybe it is a good idea you physically check that this number on the car matches with the number on the auto log book. Some crooks can try to sell you a lemon by playing around this number.

Companies can save you a small fortune thanks to proper auto records. For example, a loss adjuster can determine if a damage you are claiming for is done in the accident that led to claim or it is done way before. Some people may want to get all the other repairs done as well and charge it to the company. But looking at the history a loss adjuster can see that this damage was done in a previous incident.

Also, companies can check if a car to be insured has ever been totaled. Some people buy salvaged automobiles, repair them and register again for driving. These cars are high risk since the company is not confident about the repairs after it was deemed beyond repair. So, they can quickly find out the true story and charge appropriate premium to insure it.

Why Buy Full Auto Insurance Cover?

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Many young and inexperienced drivers may want to buy the basic liabilities car insurance and get behind the steering wheel. Some others may not realize the importance of insuring their car properly. And those people may only buy third party cover because it is legally required. wouldn’t it be better to buy proper protection if you have to buy insurance anyway? This is an important subject and will be explained in detail below.

Liabilities policies only pays for damages and injuries suffered by third parties. This part of a cover protects you from claims made against you. You are on your own for your own damages if you buy liabilities only coverage. There are a lot of things that can happen to your automobile and require repairs. You may even lose it completely when it is beyond repair or stolen. fully comprehensive coverage

By including Collision and Comprehensive Coverage you make sure that you are protected for many damages. Collision pays for the crash related damages and comprehensive pays for any other damages that may come to your auto. These policies are normally sold together and include deductibles to be paid by policyholders.

When you are getting a loan your lender would insist that you have these covers as well as GAP insurance. Gap pays for the gap between the market value and outstanding loan figure. They obviously want to make sure that their security is well protected with a full coverage. Otherwise, how would they get their money if something happens to the car?

Knowing there are far too many uninsured vehicles on the roads in the USA you would want to buy Uninsured Motorist Coverage as well. This would pay your damages if one of them hits your car and relieve you from the pain of chasing the person in courts. The actual cost of this addition is not really much and it may be compulsory in some states anyway.

Normally, you would have rental reimbursement cover as well with a full coverage packages. What this means is that you can rent a car when yours is being repaired. The insurer would pay the rental costs when the vehicle has suffered an insured loss. There may be certain limitations that stop you from going and renting a Bentley when your Fiat is being repaired.

As you probably know you don’t have to buy anything more than basic state required liabilities cover to be able to drive a car. So, why would you want to pay a lot of money and get these extras? The answer is simple, it is either you who pays for the damages or the insurance company, if they ever happen. You are selling your unknown risks to the carriers for a set amount called premium.

Actually, most motorists don’t even think about it and go for the full coverage packages. They are sold by most companies and made to be attractive and reasonably priced. Without insurance you cannot take pleasure in driving knowing that anything can happen round the bend and it is all money to get it fixed.

Many Drivers Don’t Know about Auto Insurance Discounts

Friday, May 25th, 2012

They know that they want to reduce cost of insuring their automobiles. Some of them don’t even know exactly why they buy insurance. They buy it because everyone buys and tells that they should have it too. Contrary to common belief it is not a complicated task to arrange auto insurance coverage. But it is not something that should be taken lightly either.

car insurance savingsIf you want to save money you need to go about it the right way. You can start with asking your current insurer for all the discounts you qualify. You shouldn’t assume that they will automatically include them when they are calculating your renewal premiums. First of all you may need to refresh your information to make sure it is up to date. A lot may have changed since you filled the quote form and all those changes may be in your favor.

As people go older, they gain professional and educational qualifications and those may qualify your for savings. For example, you may have a AAA roadside recovery service contract and you think nothing of it. Did you know that your AAA membership can qualify you for ten percent savings with some companies? It is a lot of money and simple to have it. Many people buy the membership only because they can get discounts on insurance, hotel and restaurants.

Did you know that auto insurers are looking at your credit score? As a result they can charge you a lot more for poor credit score or offer you a great deal when it is good. Many people go angry when they see their premiums have gone up. This is one of the reasons whey it goes up. Again, did you know that your insurer will have to tell you why they are putting the prices up? When this happens, first thing you should do is to call them and ask why.

There are many ways of saving money on your premiums and most of them are no secret. But if you weren’t paying attention your would have no idea. These simple things can save you as much as fifty percent. They are being a good driver, having no claim, living in a safer zip code, having a respected job and driving low mileage every year.

Any changes in your life will affect the premium you pay. This could be positive or negative change. When someone retires they don’t need to commute to work any more and therefore, they become low mileage driver. Starting to work from home may have the same affect. Did you know that most people actually drive around 12,000 miles a year and that is below the average?

Do you know how long does it take to get an auto insurance quote online? Would you be surprised If I said five minutes? Yes, it could take you as little as a quarter of an hour to save money on your policy. Wouldn’t it be worth it even the saving was only a hundred bucks? Then, look into these details and find the ways to minimize your premium payments.

Getting Good Coverage, Reliable Insurer & Low Premium

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can get everything you want from a deal? Getting all three of the things in the title right is possible. It is true that you may need to work for it and be smart about it. But think how much you would have to work to earn the extra premium you paid because you didn’t shop around. How much you would suffer in the hands of a below average insurer if you had a claim? How much you would regret if you didn’t arrange sufficient coverage?

On the other hand you would be pretty pleased with yourself if you got them all right. You would sleep better at night with this knowledge. Make no mistake that arranging the right auto insurance coverage with a decent carrier and at a low price can be achieved. And it is more important than you may think.

Satisfied DriverHow would you go about securing them all? I don’t know you but I would start with figuring out how much coverage I need. Otherwise, I would be like someone who went to grocery shopping before checking what he/she needs. You may come back home with all those junk food and nothing to cook a good dinner.

Remember that those agents are well trained to sell policies. They are likely to keep pushing your many extra staff and filling your basket quickly. You should stick to what you need and try to get them at a discounted rates.

Next, I would get a few quotes online as well as talking to a broker. If a broker can beat my online quotes they can get my business. Also, they may be able to persuade me that I am better off with a slightly more expensive but more comprehensive policy. I would want to leave all the avenues open. Both shopping online for car insurance and using a broker have their advantages and disadvantages.

Once all the quotes are in, a quick comparison would eliminate some of the providers. When I have a quote for $1,500 for the same coverage why would I even consider a $3,000 quote. I would bin it quickly especially if I have another quote for $1,800. In the same way I would think twice before going ahead and buying a policy that is only $800. If it looks too cheap it probably is.

How long do you think this whole process take you? It is unlikely that you will need more than an hour to make a smart choice. Remember that you don’t have to make a selection today or do all of these tasks at once. You can save your work online and carry on when you have a few more spare minutes.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t forget who is in charge here. Nobody should be able to sell you anything you don’t want. Every decision you make has consequences. If you don’t shop around you pay more than a reasonable premium. When you cut corners with your policy you may have to pay the shortfall out of your wallet. And Nobody wants to deal with an unresponsive and irresponsible auto insurer ever.

Find Car Deals Online

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

If you are a real car buff you can spend hours checking specifications on the internet. You can see the pictures from every angle and see it driving on the road. The best part of it is that you can do it in your own speed and time and you can go back and look again. Buying an automobile is one decision you don’t want to be rushing.

It is best to take everything you see on manufacturers’ sites with a grain of salt. Take fuel consumption figures for example. You will probably burn more petrol than they put in their websites. They are probably taking those measurements in ideal conditions and you will never find them in the real world, especially in the cities.

If you do your homework well on the internet you get a lot more out of test driving. When you go to a dealer to check on the cars you know a lot more and you can start feeling the vehicle. Sometimes we may get disappointed with the real thing or find that there is a lot more to it than you saw on a website. You can also check the stock of a particular dealer and book a test drive.

purchase an autoOnline resources may be extra valuable when you have limited amount of money and buying a used car. Generally used cars are in a tight price range. Therefore, you can get a lot more for your money if you do your research well. For example, if a car with 100,000 miles on it is worth $10,000 you may be able to get a similar one at 40,000 miles and you only need to pay couple of hundred dollars more.

Use some of the bigger sites where owners are listing their cars. Most of them have functions that allow you to save the cars you found. This is a very helpful feature because you get excited to see a type of car you want. As you check more and more the first car you found may not be as attractive anymore. This gives you a good comparison and insight to pricing.

You need to keep in mind that good cars go really fast. After a while you would have a good idea as to what you are really looking for or can afford. If you haven’t found one in your area you should ready your money and wait. As soon as you see one that fits the description you can pounce on it. Generally first person that sees a good used car buys it.

It is possible to choose the type of automobile you like, determine the extras and order online. Many companies will deliver it to your doorstep. But not many people would want to buy a car without seeing it. If you are buying a used car from the owner direct, you should always use common sense. Wherever possible you should take a friend or tell them exactly where and when are you going and how long you will take.