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Buy Home and Car Insurance together and Save

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Owning several insurance products means you pay a lot of money for premiums. Then looking into ways of saving money on them is probably well overdue. You can look at them individually and see if there are ways you can increase discounts qualified. you should do this often to make sure your policies are up to date and you don’t spend more than necessary.

One way of finding affordable auto insurance premiums is to combine policies or buy several products from the same firm. First of all you can have a look to see if you could buy multi-car coverage and bring the costs down. Secondly you can buy your home insurance from the company that is insuring your automobile. You include health and life policies in the mix as well if it will yield further savings.

If you were with these companies for some time you would have a good idea which carrier is better and you need to look at their prices as well. You can check to move home coverage to car cover provider or vice verse. At least you have two companies to get prices from. Alternatively, you can move both policies to a totally new company if it works out cheaper.

insure home and autoFurthermore there are new kind of policies that work like an umbrella cover. You could insure your home, autos and even second home or investment property all under one policy. They are not very common and may not be available in your state. If they do, they may reduce administration of all those separate policies and save you a lot of money.

Companies spend fortune to find new customers and sell financial services products. If they could manage to sell more to their current policyholders they would increase their takings with little effort. But people aren’t going to just move over without a good reason to do so. Therefore, good discounts are in order when you keep bringing business to your provider. It is a way of saying thank you for the new piece of business.

This works in many different ways. For example, you partner and you can save money when one of you moves to the other’s insurer. It is a common practice to offer savings to family members of existing policyholders. For example, kids can take advantage of their parents good driving records by being insured with them or buying a policy from their insurer. It is actually better than up sell and everybody wins.

It has other benefits as well. You don’t have to worry about so many different insurers, renewal dates and payments. When you are combining policies you are reducing paper work. In a way, you are building better relations with one particular company.

But it may be trickier to make a one large premium payment if you synchronize renewal dates. If you have the money, you can actually get further discounts by paying it all at once. Generally companies offer around five percent discounts when customers pay upfront. Otherwise, you may need to arrange a payment plan to spread it.