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Automatic Transmission Is Better for Car Insurers

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

You are required to fill a quote form in order to get price from carriers. You need to answer a few questions about yourself, other drivers and driving histories as well as the cars to be insured. These details will determine how much you will be charged to insure your automobile. So, you should provide complete and accurate information in the process.

One of the questions will be about auto gear transmission. Cars have two types of transmission. They are manual and automatic. With manual gear you increase or decrease your speed by moving the gear up or down. This is done automatically in some cars. Some cars may have both systems in place and switchable. These two separate operations are considered differently while you are getting a quote.

Manual gear boxes are preferred by many motorists especially enthusiasts because they like to control and feel the speed of their vehicles. Also, this can give extra control over fuel consumption. When it is in auto mode cars burn more petrol. While buying automobiles it is cheaper to get a manual gear box too. It is less complicated and cheaper to manufacture them.

man driving a stick shiftHowever, the same economies may not be available to manual auto owners when they are insuring them. Apparently the risk levels are different as well as the operation and therefore the rates charged vary as well.

Manual automobiles may not be stopping and taking off as smooth as automatic ones. This may increase the chance of accidents. Also, drivers will be paying more attention to gear changing and less attention to the road ahead. Therefore, manual gear boxes are considered higher risk.

When the risks are increased companies quickly want compensation in the way of higher premiums. The opposite is also true that is why it may be cheaper to insure automatic cars compared to manual ones.

Another factor is the cost of replacing these parts. Manual gear boxes require more money to replace and this is taken into account when premiums are calculated. Some people can only drive auto and they don’t like to play with gear much. Others don’t feel like driving with an automatic transmission. People have different tastes. They may not care much about the premium differences and go for the vehicle specifications they like.

However, if you don’t care either way, you may want to get two separate quotes for each gear systems and see which one will be more economical. Most manufacturers offer both systems for almost all the models they produce.

This may not seem like a good way of reducing your costs. But every little details add up and these small savings can total up to large sums of money. In other words, you should mind what is included, safety and security features and other details of your new automobile.

It is well documented that insuring some cars is more expensive. Choosing an auto that is favored by insurers can save you a lot of money over the years. This is a point that needs to be considered if you want cheap vehicle insurance quotes.